Think Un*Common is a project that aims at engaging Latvian artists and technicians into interdisciplinary and inter-professional creative thinking, with the mentorship of experts from France, Germany and Latvia.

It takes the form of a short and intense workshop: multidisciplinary participants will work in teams under a tight timeframe (3 days) on a creation challenge about their collective vision of the theme “Common Future”. Let’s think together about artistic creation in the age of sustainability and digitalization!

The goals of this collaborative creation workshop are to:

  • promote networking among actors of the Cultural and Creative Industries in Latvia,
  • highlight the creativity of Latvian artists and technicians,
  • innovate by accompanying the creation of emerging projects,
  • reflects on nowadays major topics.

The workshop’s program will be divided in four key moments: meet and greet between participants and organizers and mentors, free creation time in teams and a prototypes’ exhibition as closure evening.

Our Collaborative creation workshop Think Un*Common is organized by the French institute in Latvia and the Goethe-institut Riga, in collaboration with the RTU Science and Innovation Center. It won the support of the Franco-German Cultural Fund and is part of a selection of 40 projects across the world,  in the Indian Ocean, North Africa and the Middle East, Asia and Oceania, and the Americas and the Caribbean.

The Franco-German Cultural Fund was created on January 22nd, 2003, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Elysée Treaty, sealing the friendship between France and Germany. It encourages close collaboration between both countries, strengthens their cooperation in the cultural field, affirm their commitment to European key values. The fund supports each year several multidisciplinary projects from different fields: visual arts, performing arts, design, fashion, architecture, cinema, audiovisual art, new media, literature, public debate…

Think Un*Common creates crossroads between artistic creation, reflection on society issues and bridges to technology, by engaging participants into thinking together about the issues of cultural innovation and interdisciplinary arts – technology – sustainability projects. The process will result in a onetime piece of art and deep roots between all the stakeholders involved.


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